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24m³ Double Vertical Auger TMR Feed Mixers

AK ZIRAAT 24m³ TMR Feed Mixers with Double Vertical Auger meets users' needs with its technical structure and optional choices. Throw its double vertical auger, it ensures a homogeneous mixture and the feed is divided into the desired particles with its unique, durable blades. With its durable sheet metal body, structure on a stable chassis and tires specific to each machine, and high-quality transmission performance, it is the first in its class.

  • Discharge Conveyor Belt: The discharge conveyor belt alone is one of the standards of the feed mixers and are also optionally available with double sided, front or side belt options that users can benefit from
  • Weighing System: Weighing System is offered according to user's request. Thanks to the scale, it is ensured that the feed proportion with the right ration is done at the highest level with digital weighing.
  • Electro Motor: The possibility of using the electric motor unit or the tractor via the shaft is at the discretion of the user.
  • Magnet: The use of magnets prevents the parts (metal, etc.) from mixing in the feed.

AK ZİRAAT Feed Mixer Machines increase your production efficiency, save feed and time by quickly performing the chopping process with their healthy, homogeneous mix.