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Disc Tiller

The Future of Efficient Soil Management from Ak Ziraat Appliances

Ak Ziraat Aletleri' Disk Tiller emerges as a cutting-edge solution in the field of agricultural machinery that outperforms traditional disk harrows in many ways, as well as renewing the biological balance of the soil. Both the performance and efficiency of this innovative equipment in soil management applications are very high.

Disk Tiller Features

Rubber Suspension System
Disc Tiller, unlike classical disc harrows, has a "Disc System with Rubber Suspension System, Each Bearing Independently from the Other". This distinctive feature allows the Disk Tiller not only to cut through the soil, but also to create a unique vibratory effect, contributing to highly efficient soil thinning during operation.
Low Power, High SpeedOne of the prominent advantages of Ak Ziraat Aletleri Disk Tiller is its low power requirement and high working speed of 10-15 km/h. This makes the Disc Tiller an economical choice for farming operations of all sizes.
Independent Bearing Discs
Adjustable to Terrain Variability, each disc is independently bearing, allowing the machine to be independent of terrain irregularities. It provides excellent surface workmanship. These result in a consistently high-quality tillage.
The rollers on the Disk Tiller are designed with soil integrity in mind. These rollers not only reduce potential moisture loss, but also create optimum soil density. This combination keeps the soil fertile and ready for planting.

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